Shipping address

Elementary School Address

If you need to ship equipment to the workshop use the shipping address:

[Your Name]
Telluride Elementary School
447 West Columbia, 
Room 205, 
Telluride CO 81435 

The schoolhouse room 205 (Telluride Neuromophic lab) phone number is 1-970-728-4377, extension 948.

You can only ship to the school during the workshop! Otherwise there is nobody there to sign off you package and store it for you!

Telluride General Delivery

Another option for shipping is to send things to general delivery via US postal service. Send your package as shown below; it will be held up to 30 days. You just need to come by and collect it. But do not include the street address or postage will be charged twice! You can also try to ship with FedEx, DHL, or UPS this way (specifying gen'l delivery) but they usually require an explicit street address - this address will cause the USPS to charge postage. (This is according to a conversation with someone at the Telluride post office.)

[Your name]
General Delivery
Telluride Post Office
150 S. Willow Street
Telluride, CO 81435-9956

Fax: +970-728-5532, phone: +1 970-728-3900

Mailboxes etc.

Mailboxes etc. is a company that where you can send stuff from Telluride, but also to Telluride.

To send something to them and have them keep it for you, use the following address:

Mailboxes Etc.
Your Name
398 W. Colorado
Suite GW
Telluride, CO 81435

MBE charges $5 UP TO 15 LBS, $15 OVER 15 LBS for this service...

School Phone in Room 205

In case you need to reach the schoolhouse, the room 205 phone number is 1 970 728 4377, extension 948.


Condo assignments and a map of the Condos are on 2010/Housing.