Travel to Telluride, Summer 2010

(This information is updated from the  the ine-web.org travel information.)

Please book your air transportation as soon as possible since the number of flights into the Telluride region of Colorado is somewhat limited.

Besides the Telluride Airport (which is again open this summer) we recommend flying in to Montrose Regional Airport (MTJ) or (third choice) Cortez Airport (CEZ). Tickets to these other airports are much cheaper.

From Montrose, take a shuttle (about a 90 minute ride) to Telluride. You will need to make a reservation for the shuttle. Contact:  Telluride Express, +1-970-728-6000. Rates from Montrose or Cortez to Telluride range from $45-$50 one-way for a shared ride..

The shuttle will take you directly to the Condominium Registration Office (“Telluride Alpine Lodging”, “Mountainside Inn”, or 'Telluride Lodge' once you get your housing assignment).

Alternately, you can fly to Durango Airport (DRO) or Grand Junction Airport (GJT) and from there take a shuttle (about a 2.5 hour ride) to Telluride. Again, you will need to make a reservation with  Telluride Express, +1-970-728-6000.

Luggage delivery

In case your luggage follows you (which can happen on hot days when the plane is overloaded), it may be helpful to write your housing condo, e.g. Telluride Lodge 312, on your luggage tag. Then the shuttle drivers who deliver leftover luggage will know exactly where to drop off your bags.

Ride Sharing

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