The idea is to developed a brain-machine interface to control an RC car. We would like to use electroencephalogram (EEG) signals measured from the the brains of human operators to close the loop and control these cars, or other robots. The EEG signals are measured using Mindflex headsets.

Brain Interfaces

  • Mind Flex Devices

We brought four Mind Flex games for using these experiments.

  • BCI2000

We also have access to multi-probe EEG caps and BCI2000 software to measure EEG signals in a more accurate fashion should the Mind Flex devices fail to produce usable signals.

Brain / Machine Interface Hardware

  • Atmel Microcontrollers

We brought three Atmel attiny261 microcontrollers to use in adapting the Mindflex signals into signals to control the RC cars. The idea is to process the analog/digital signal generated by the brain interface (BCI2000/Mind Flex) on these microcontrollers and output the signals needed to control the RC cars or other robots.

  • BCI2000

We have documentation explaining the steps needed to generate control signals from the BCI2000 software system which can be output to any port on the computer with the required programming elements in place.

Machine Elements

  • Duratrax Sprint Motor Controllers

The Duratrax motor controllers accept pulse-width modulated inputs for controlling forward speed and turning.

  • RC Receivers and Cars

The Receivers will translate the RC control signals into pulse width modulated (PWM) signals for direct control of the RC car motors.

  • Other Available Robots

If you would like to use our BMI systems to generate control signals to any of the other robots available in the conference, we will work with you to develop the necessary code and hardware.