Neuromorphic circuit tutorial

Group Members:

  • David Mascarenas, Los Alamos National Labs
  • Daniel Lofaro, Drexel University
  • Ralph Etienne-Cummings, JHU/ECE Department
  • Shih-Chii Liu, Institute of Neuroinformatics, UNI/ETHZ
  • Timmer Horiuchi, University of Maryland
  • Tobi Delbruck, Institute of Neuroinformatics, UZH/ETH Zurich

Leaders: 'Paul Hasler', Shih-Chii Liu, Tara Julia Hamilton

Learn about basic neuromorphic silicon circuits by blackboard discussions, circuit simulations, and implementing them in field programmable analog arrays (FPAAs).

This tutorial will be interleaved with lectures and with hands on lab sessions. The lectures will cover basic silicon device physics, MOSFETs operated in the subthreshold (or weak inversion) domain, basic circuits such as transconductance amplifiers, and silicon neuron and synapse circuits. Everyone will also have an opportunity to program and implement novel circuits or ideas on the Field Programmable Analog Array (FPAA).

Never drawn a transistor or simulated one with SPICE? This is your chance to try out circuit simulations and layout with  Tanner Chip Design Tools. Tanner is kindly supplying us a demo license for Telluride and can you how to draw schematics, simulate circuits using SPICE, and draw transistor layouts. See wiki:2010/nm10/tanner for more details.

Wish List of Participants

1. Transistor level understanding of basic neuromorphic circuit primitives Shih-Chii Liu 'jsprenge' Suma George 'RaviShekhar'
2. Discussion of why neuromorphic circuits are useful and their applications 'jsprenge' 'cschlott' Suma George 'fgomez-r'
3. Platforms for implementing neuromorphic circuits (Digital e.g. FPGA platform, Analog e.g. custom VLSI design) 'jsprenge' Suma George
4. Signal processing issues (e.g. when to go analog and when to go digital ) 'cschlott' Suma George 'fgomez-r'
5. Tanner EDA Suma George
6. State of the art of the field Suma George 'fgomez-r'


  1. FPAA systems from Georgia Tech (Paul's group)
  2. Demo licenses for Tanner tools (Shih-Chii & Tobi arranged)