Results from Spike-Based Robotics Topic Area

This area involves projects where spike-based sensory signals (e.g., from silicon retinas or cochleas) are categorized into higher level interpretations (which may be learned/abstracted from prior experiences), enabling mobile robots to understand and reason about their perceptions and purposefully act in their environment.

Here is a list of individual projects in the "Spike-Based Robotics Systems" workgroup

Slot Car Racing

Participants: Michael Pfeiffer (from Zurich) Tobi Delbruck, Garrick Orchard, 'Raphael Juston', 'Bruce Mortimer'

Results: wiki:2010/rob10/slotcar

Distributed Hardware for Robot Control (SpiNNaker system)

Participants: Sergio Davies, 'Cameron Patterson', 'Chang-Woo Shin', 'David Lester', 'Jonathan Dyhr'

Results: wiki:2010/rob10/SpiNNaker

Motor-Bike Stabilization

Participants: Matthew Runchey, Jorg Conradt

Results: wiki:2010/rob10/bikeStabilization?


Participants: Matthew Runchey, 'Tobias Glasmachers', Daniel Lofaro, Jorg Conradt

Results: wiki:2010/rob10/flyingRobots?


Participants: Matthew Runchey, Jorg Conradt

Results: wiki:2010/rob10/PigTracker?

Nervous Network-based Robot Control

Participants: 'Mark Tilden', ...

Results: wiki:2010/rob10/NervousNets?