Cellphone service

Telluride has GSM service. Many people buy t-mobile prepay SIMs to put in their phones, see  t-mobile prepaid SIM offer web order. Unfortunately T-Mobile does not ship to Telluride; ask Tobi Delbruck by Friday 24.6.11 f you will need one.

Eating out

Some favorites are

  • Baked in Telluride - HAS REOPENED!!! take out / counter service sandwiches, pizza, fountain drinks.
  • Emiilios - Cheap and plentiful Mexican food exactly opposite New Sheridan, downstairs. CHECK seems to be closed now permanently.

Housing rules

  1. The condos are individually owned units so please keep the furniture and supplies in them. Or, at least make certain that everything is put back in the condo before you leave.
  2. These are self-catering condos. Each condo should have everything needed to keep house: laundry facilities either in the condo or in a central location; sheets, towels, vacuum cleaner, broom, etc.
  3. The rental company is supposed to provide a weekly cleaning for the condos. However, this has always been problematic so don't depend on this.
  4. In town communication: Pam actually managed to get the phone numbers for all of the condos. They are on the housing chart.


Tipping for meals is expected (i.e., required) in town. Plan on 10-15% for lunch; 15-20% for dinner. And, yes, if you don't tip, the restaurants will complain to us. They know who we are.

Beware of bears

Town library

There is an excellent town library (see wiki:2011/Housing#Map for map) with a cheap visitors card option and a fantastic childrens section. We sometimes present public lectures there.


There are two groceries - Clark's, below Telluride Lodge, and the Village Market, next to Baked in Telluride on the way to the town park. Both are open 7 days.

Town Gray Goose Bus

The free bus runs along Telluride from about 7am to 8pm daily. It stops behind Telluride Lodge going towards the park along Pacific at 1,21,41 past the hour and returns from the park next to the bridge crossing the river along Colorado Ave (the main street) at 12,32,52 past the hour.