Discussion and Other Sci / Tech related Groups

These groups are mainly discussion groups (rather than project-based) and cover methods, technology and tools used for the topic area projects or after the workshop.

Feel free to add more discussion groups if you find an interesting topic...

Analog versus Digital Computation

Members: Ashley Kleinhans, Daniel B. Fasnacht, Mounya Elhilali, Michael Pfeiffer, Ryad Benjamin Benosman

Let's discuss the pros and cons, strengths and weaknesses of analog and digital computation (in CMOS) or any other computational system... Discussions will most probably be held in a bar or our condos.

aVLSI book


Sign-up if you will buy the book  Analog VLSI - Circuits and Principles by Shih-Chii, Giacomo, Tobi, et al. This is a marker group to count the number of discounted copies to order. Books will cost 44 USD each. Please bring cash to Shih-Chii if you want to buy one.

Neuromorphic VLSI Systems book

Members: Tobi Delbruck

Sign-up if you are an author on the upcoming Neuromorphic VLSI Systems book - Paul, Shih-Chii, Tobi, Ralph, Andre, Tara, Giacomo. We will use this group to coordinate discussions on this work.

SpiNNaker: A Large-Scale Universal Spiking Neural Network Architecture

Members: Sergio Davies

This group webpage holds the papers and the presentation about the SpiNNaker system architecture.