Spike-based attentional processing

Description: The project will use Tobi's retina and nengo for trying to implement simple visual models. Initially, the plan is to have a set of gabor filters in spikes using nengo that works with the retina(low hanging fruit). Next, the plan is to implement a simple HMAX like models and move on to Nuno's model for saliency.

Expected Outcome: Real-time demo with the silicon retina


  1. 'Siddharth' (UCSD) - Co-lead
  2. 'sam Shapero' (Gatech) - Co-lead
  3. Andre van Schaik (Sydney) - Mentor
  4. Shih-Chii Liu (INI) - Participant

Results Page: [ http://neuromorphs.net/nm/wiki/2011/results/att11/spikevision]