Computational Neuroscience Talks

Members: Aleksandrs Ecins, Ashley Kleinhans, Chris Eliasmith, Ching Teo, Daniel B. Fasnacht, Francisco Barranco, Janelle Szary, Jonathan Tapson, Kwabena Boahen, Mounya Elhilali, Nicolas Oros, Michael Pfeiffer, Ryad Benjamin Benosman, Sergio Davies, Shih-Chii Liu, Tomas Figliolia, Tobi Delbruck, Troy Lau, Andre van Schaik, Yezhou Yang

- Organized by Terrence Sejnowski

See the 2009 Computational Neuroscience workshop for format and the 2009 outcome - a discussion on "what is cognition?".

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Computational Neuroscience Talks Schedule for second week of workshop

Barbara Shinn-Cunningham (BU) ::

"Understanding auditory attention: Relating perception to network activity"

John Allman (Caltech) ::

"Disgust and Empathy in Fronto-insular Cortex"

Gert Cauwenberghs (UCSD) ::

"To spike or not to spike: A neuromorphic perspective

Andrea Chiba (UCSD) ::

"Affective Salience: Attention, Uncertainty, and Reward"

Barry Richmond (NIH) ::

"Functional roles of frontal cortical areas in motivation and other high level processing"

Terry Sejnowski (Salk) ::

"Scaling laws for movements"

Josh Bongard (Univ. Vermont) ::

"Robots + Embodied Cognition + Evolution = Spontaneous Neural Modularity"

Surya Ganguli (UCSF) ::

"Bird song learning without reinforcement: The Hebbian self-organization of sensorimotor circuits"

Javier Movellan (UCSD) ::

"Developing Sociable Machines"


This year's speakers are:

 John Allman (Caltech) - Learning/Cognition - July 4-7

Studies social cognition in primates, particularly in humans. Analyzes neurons in the prefrontal cortex that are involved in regulating self monitoring during learning.

'Josh Bongard' (Univ. Vermont) - July 4-8

Studies developmental and evolutionary robotics.

 Andrea Chiba (UCSD) - Learning and Cognition- July 4-9

Studies forebrain operation and role of cortical oscillations in learning, in attentional modulation using associative learning and spatial orientation. Studies representation of affect in amygdala and associated structures in connection with development of prefernces.

Gert Cauwenberghs (UCSD) - July 4-8

Studies innovative forms of collective electronic computation.

 Surya Ganguli (UCSF) - July 3-9

Studies compressive sensing as applied to short and long term memory, descision making, and theoretical neuroscience with regards to analysis of large datasets.

Javier Movellan (UCSD) - Learning / Machine Vision / Developmental Robotics -July 6-13

Builds robots that learn their behaviors, advanced methods for computer vision.

Barry Richmond (NIH) - Learning/Cognition? - July 4-8

Studies learning and vision in monkeys, particularly in areas of the monkey brain that are involved in visual learning and reinforcement learning.

Terrence Sejnowski (Salk) - Learning/Cognition/Cellular? neurophysiology/Computational Neuroscience- July 4-9

Studies all forms of computational neuroscience.

Barbara Shinn-Cunningham (BU) - July 4-8

Studies auditory neuroscience, from acoustics to perception.