Hands-on Overview of FPAA Chips and Tools

Members: Adam McLeod, Francisco Barranco, Garrick Orchard, Jennifer Hasler

Leaders: Hasler, 'Sam Shapero'

Large-Scale Field Programmable Analog Arrays (FPAA) enables a configurable approach to analog and mixed signal approaches typical of digital systems (i.e. FPGAs, uP). Many important aspects of neuromorphic design can be implemented in physical approaches; therefore having such techniques makes these device, circuit, and system approaches accessible to a wider audience. This tutorial will introduce in the theory, chips, boards, and tools over hands-on 2-3 sessions approach. These approaches provide a useful framework for discussing where to use neuromorphic type design approaches in a range of applications. We can also discuss related topics to these approaches, including programmable (floating-gate) circuits, that enable memory, programmable devices, and adaptive devices in a dense, low-power way into our neuromorphic systems.