4th of July parade: Please post your pics of the parade and the fireworks here.


Neuromorphs presented the "Human Visual System" at the 4th of July parade this year. We had 2 eyes made of boxes and a huge brain model made out of cardboard. We had spikes of green blue and red colors sending information between the eyes and the brain. There were 4 objects to be recognized and the spikes delivered the information to the brain which then put up the right placard for the object. Although we did not win a prize but it sure was a lot of fun preparing for and performing at the parade. I would like to thank everyone who helped make this a wonderful experience.

Since i was organizing this for the first time, i found out that we needed some pointers to guide the future organizers. Also talking to different people made me realize that forget to bring a few things we always wanted to have. Here is the process of the parade preparation:

1. Register at the Telluride Information Center. Attach with the form another sheet explaining exactly what you are doing. (The Mayor told us during the parade that we should have given him a crib sheet!!)
2. Spend some time building models and crafts for the parade, depending on what you need.
3. Rehearse at least once before you land up at the parade ground.

Things we must have but forget to bring:
1. Mega phone (We need our own PA system to explain the ideas)
2. Slogan (We need to prepare a slogan matching with the workshop/parade theme) We can have a small competition for this like the t-shirt competition.
3. Squirt Guns (optional but it will be good to be able to retaliate when sprayed with water :))
4. Crib sheet for the mayor.

Have fun Organizing!!

Ravi Shekhar
Staff Telluride 2011