The easiest way to share pictures to attach a file here in this page. If you have a bunch of pictures you want to share, make a zip file or something similar and attach it to this page.

The best way is to have a common source online with sharing permissions among photographers. There is a private Picasa webalbum owned by 'Fabio Stefanini' at the link below (login to see the link). Since many people seem to have a Google account that album can be constantly updated with everybody's pictures. Just send a request to him with your Google account to have upload permissions.

Some people uploaded many pictures on their Facebook accounts. This is also a good option but requires a Facebook account, which somebody may not have. Picasa seems a better option.

Remember to alert people of having been photographed and that their pictures have been published somewhere!


  • Please upload only decently relevant pictures. For example, avoid duplicates or pictures very similar to each other.
  • Upload the originals in a zip file here, if possible, and remember to update it.
  • Upload with 1600pixels resolution, not more please. I might run out of space on my account...
  • Please tag your pictures with the photographer's (e.g. "fabio")!

Non photographers

Remember that you are part of an event and many people will most likely take pictures of you. You better behave (or misbehave and escape the paparazzi). If you want the originals or if you want one or more pictures to be removed, contact 'Fabio Stefanini', who is the only one who can remove pictures. Remember that the photographers will only upload relevant pictures there. Most likely all the originals will be attached here.

Link to Picasa webalbum

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