A cognitive robot detecting objects using sound, language, and vision

Members: Aleksandrs Ecins, Adam McLeod, Ching Teo, Daniel B. Fasnacht, Eirini Balta, Francisco Barranco, Cornelia Fermuller, John Harris, Kailash Patil, Malcolm Slaney, Mounya Elhilali, Michael Pfeiffer, Ryad Benjamin Benosman, Shih-Chii Liu, Tomas Figliolia, Timmer Horiuchi, Tobi Delbruck, Troy Lau, Yezhou Yang

- Organized by Cornelia Fermuller, Yiannis Aloimonos, & Andreas Andreou

Results of the main project

Results of subprojects

* Introduction [Results]

* Overview [Results]

* Visual Processing

* Auditory processing

* Reasoning Verbalisation [Verbalisation Results]

* Lessons Learned [Lessons Learned Results]

* Event-based Vision [Results]