Results from the 2012 workshop

Results from the wiki:2012/att12 group

This year the attention project had two large sub-projects, both using EEG signals to understand how auditory attention works. One project aimed to decode the EEG signals and determine which of two objects the subject is attending. The other project is measuring the EEG signals generated by surprising events, and events that change the subject's attention.

The two projects are described on separate pages. Go to these three links for the final reports.

Results from the wiki:2012/act12 group

  1. Place Cells on Nengo on SpiNNaker on Omnibot [act12/results/Combined]
  2. Integrating SpiNNaker and Omnibots [act12/results/OmniSpiNN]
  3. Sensing and Escape [act12/results/Escape]
  4. Using Neurons to Build Asynchronous Circuits [act12/results/Asynchronous]
  5. Generating Grid Cells and Place Cells with Oscillators [act12/results/Oscillators?]
  6. Triggering Behavioural Change with Place Cells [Place Cells]
  7. Weightless Control for a Robot Arm [act12/results/Weightless?]
  8. Robot Arm Control in Nengo [act12/results/Arm]
  9. Optimal Control on Neurogrid [act12/results/Optimal]
  10. Feed-Forward S1-C1 via the NEF [act12/results/S1C1]

Results from the wiki:2012/learn12 group

Results from the wiki:2012/soc12 group