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Macro: Person

  • Whenever you refer to a person in the wiki, please use the Person Macro!
  • The Macro takes either a user-login or Firstname Lastname as an argument.
  • When you mention multiple people, you can put them in the same macro separated by commas..
  • The macro uses a fuzzy matching algorithm, so for the Firstname Lastname version, on or two typos don't matter.


Some facts about the 2012 Telluride Workshop:
 * The Organizer from Zurich is [[Person(tobi)]]
 * The wiki admins are [[Person(Daniel Fasnacht)]] and [[Person(Tobias Delbrueck)]]
 * This years staff are: [[Person(James Wright, Matthew Runchley, Garrick Orchard, Daniel Fasnacht)]]
 * [[Person(Faniel Dasnacht)]] is tired and thus can't properly type his name anymore...


Some facts about the 2011 Telluride Workshop:

  • The Organizer from Zurich is Tobi Delbruck
  • The wiki admins are Daniel B. Fasnacht and Tobi Delbruck
  • This years staff are: James Wright, Matthew Runchey, Garrick Orchard, Daniel B. Fasnacht
  • 'Faniel Dasnacht' is tired and thus can't properly type his name anymore...

Protect Wiki Content

Use this syntax to protect entire wiki pages or sections from being seen by unauthenticated visitors (and google):


#:Log in! (message to unauthenticated visitors)

Protected Wiki Content...

 1. secret A
 1. secret B
 1. secret C



Log in! (message to unauthenticated visitors)

Protect Wiki Attachments

You can also protect attachments similar to protecting pages as described before.

When you upload an attachment, you can enter text into the Description of this file: To protect an attachment, start the description with !protected such as in:

!protected: more description...

Check out the two example attachments at the end of this page...

Including Images

  • attache the image file to the wiki page
  • use the Image macro to include it:
[[Image(bronze.jpg, width=300)]]

Including Movies

We have the MovieMacro installed.

For examples check out:  http://trac-hacks.org/wiki/MovieMacro