SMD12 - Surface Mount Soldering Tutorial 2012

SMD Soldering Tutorial

Members: Bernabe Linares-Barranco, Christian Brandli, Christoph Maier, Daniel B. Fasnacht, federico corradi, Kevin Mazurek, Magdalena Kogutowska, Kent Slaney, Siddharth Rajaram, Sudarshan Ramenahalli, Thomas Murray, Tobi Delbruck

Leader: Daniel B. Fasnacht

If you are involved with building printed circuit boards, you may not know how deal with surface mount components. Because of their superiority in automated assembly, impedance characteristics and actual size, surface mounted components are nowadays often the only available package variant. It takes the correct equipment and some practice to hand solder them and to use them in designs. In this tutorial, we will show you how to solder SMD components and what equipment you will need to use these back at home.

Tutorial Format

  1. We will have one introductory session to:
    • Introduce you to SMD technology and the tools we need for it
    • Show you how to build the bronze USB microcontroller board in the workshop
  2. Individual soldering sessions. Ideally you for groups of two people to work efficiently...

To get a better idea plase have a look at the SMD Tutorial 2011 page.