Recreational Activities

Any recreational / social activities are listed here.

Hike Sunshine Peak

Members: Michael Mathieu, Thomas Murray

Kids in Telluride

Members: Byron Galbraith, Malcolm Slaney, Timmer Horiuchi

Bringing you kids? Subscribe here!

This is for attendees bringing kids to Telluride. Organize group activities. Play and educational opportunities. Anything useful for parents.

July 4th Parade

Members: Daniel Neil, Dimitra Emmanouilidou, Michael Mathieu, Michael Pfeiffer, Shih-Chii Liu, Thusitha Chandrapala, Steve Temple, Thomas Murray

The great american holiday - US independence day - is upon us the second Monday of the workshop. All of us neuromorphs will be marching in the town parade. Sign up here if you have any ideas about what we should do/dress as.

T-Shirt Contest

Members: Byron Galbraith, James OSullivan, Klaus Stiefel, Kayode Sanni, Michael Pfeiffer, Timmer Horiuchi

Upload your ideas for a T-shirt to this web page. The winner of this contest will get a free T-shirt of their creation.


Members: James OSullivan

A skit (or theatrical sketch) is a short comedic play. In the past, participants have used these at the final dinner to poke fun at or highlight various quirks of neuromorphic engineering/engineers, the workshop organizers, or the workshop itself. The organizers are always well prepared for this.


Members: Daniel Rasmussen, Greg Cohen, James OSullivan, Jonathan Tapson, Michael Mathieu, Nicolai Waniek, Shih-Chii Liu, Evangelos Stromatias, Thomas Murray, Zafeirios Fountas

This active group will self-organize on momentary notice to play holdem, 7-27, omaha-8s and so forth.



We'll meet for beach volleyball at the town park, at the end of Colorado Ave. toward Bridal Veil falls. See wiki:2012/TellTips#TownGrayGooseBus for the free bus schedule.



Tennis courts are near the volleyball in the town park. See wiki:2012/TellTips#TownGrayGooseBus for the free bus schedule.


Members: Jens Burger, James OSullivan

On Tuesdays and Thursdays the locals play soccer at the town park, at the end of Colorado Ave. toward Bridal Veil falls. We can also organize our own games.


Members: Bert Shi, Jonathan Tapson

Anyone fancy swimming? Telluride pool is in Town Park - it is outdoor and heated. On weekdays, there is a lunchtime adult lap session from 12-1pm and from 5-6 (or 5:30-6:30) depending upon the day. Open swim is from 1-5pm. On weekends, lap swim is from 11am - 12 noon and open swim from 12-5pm. An adult day pass costs $4 a session. For more details, see  http://www.telluride-co.gov/index.aspx?NID=185



Mountain Biking

Members: Cristian Axenie, Bert Shi, James OSullivan, Jonathan Tapson, Amir Khosrowshahi, Ralph Etienne-Cummings, Tobi Delbruck

There are excellent places for beginner and advanced mountain biking just next to Telluride and also in the slickrock country about an hour's drive away. Several people have gotten broken bones, faces etc so watch it!

Workshop Photographers

Members: Daniel Mendat, Xavier Lagorce

Sign up here if you are taking pictures in the Workshop or want to see all the amazing shots of our photographers! The photographers will create a common gallery (see page for details).

Whitewater rafting

Members: Greg Cohen, Jens Burger, James OSullivan, Jonathan Tapson, Michael Mathieu, Thomas Murray

We may try to get together a group of people to go white water rafting.

Ultimate Frisbee

Members: Jens Burger, James OSullivan, Thomas Murray

We have a disc and a field, what more needs to be said?


Members: James OSullivan, Laxmi Iyer, Michael Pfeiffer, Evangelos Stromatias

If you can sing or play an instrument (and are bringing it with you) and would like to make some music in Telluride, please join this workgroup. We'll get together and try out a musical collaboration.


Members: Cristian Axenie, Dimitra Emmanouilidou, Daniel Mendat, Daniel Rasmussen, Jens Burger, James OSullivan, Amir Khosrowshahi, Michael Mathieu, Thusitha Chandrapala, Thomas Murray

Sign up here to join forces for hiking or overnite backpacking. Don't forget your hat, sunglasses, sunscreen and water! And don't drink the stream water!


Members: Daniel Neil, Daniel Mendat, Daniel Rasmussen, Greg Cohen, Jens Burger, James OSullivan, Michael Mathieu, Nicolai Waniek, Tomas Figliolia, Thomas Murray, Zafeirios Fountas

If you like eating hamburgers, hot dogs, drinking beer or wine and enjoy good company, then sign up to this group!

Durango-Silverton Railroad


On one of the free Sundays we could organize a full-day trip with the historic Durango-to-Silverton steam railroad. If you are interested, please sign up, and we will find a date and a transport to Durango and back.

Hike and Photograph

Members: Daniel Mendat, Laxmi Iyer, Michael Mathieu, Michael Pfeiffer, Thusitha Chandrapala, Xavier Lagorce, Zafeirios Fountas

We can go on short hike trips (or anywhere else around this region) to cool places to shoot some photos. This is different from the hiking group in that the purpose is not to do sports but to take photographs. We can go to peaks at sunrise/sunset, ghost towns, waterfalls, etc. Anyone interested in photography, sign up!

Rock Climbing

Members: Cristian Axenie, Daniel Rasmussen, Jens Burger, James OSullivan, Kayode Sanni, Michael Mathieu

If you are a climber (sport or trad) and want to check out the nearby crags.


Members: Cristian Axenie, Jens Burger, James OSullivan, Michael Mathieu, Michael Pfeiffer, Thomas Murray

If you like foosball, join us for some good games and a beer. The following bars should have a table: New Sheridan, Last Dollar Saloon, O'Bannons, Bubble Lounge