1. Object Recognition
  2. Motor Control and Planning
  3. SLAM
  4. 3D Tracking
  5. Sound Localization
  6. Deep Belief Networks on SpiNNaker
  7. Spike Based Bayesian Inference
  8. Hardware Interfaces
  9. Stabilizing apsDVS Camera Output using Integrated IMU

Preliminary list of projects and challenges:

  1. hovering stably through neuromorphic control; event-based visual feedback (real-time control)
  2. locating free nearby space; estimate distance to objects in 3D (interpreting inconsistent, unreliable sensory data, sensor fusion)
  3. exploring / mapping free space (simultaneous localization and mapping in 3D)
  4. searching / locating an a-priori well known object (object recognition, navigation)
  5. guiding a mobile (ground) robot to pick up that identified object (multi robot setting)