Universal Neuromorphic Devices and Sensors for Real-Time Mobile Robotics

Members: Anahita Mehta, Alejandro Pasciaroni, Jesus Armando Garcia Franco, Bilel Belhadj, Byron Galbraith, Luis Camunas, Cristian Axenie, Christian Denk, Jorg Conradt, Daniel Neil, Dimitra Emmanouilidou, Daniel Mendat, Daniel Rasmussen, Bert Shi, Francisco Barranco, Cornelia Fermuller, Greg Cohen, Garrick Orchard, Hector Jesus Cabrera Villaseor, Jonathan Tapson, Amir Khosrowshahi, Laxmi Iyer, Luis Plana, Michael Mathieu, Nicolai Waniek, Omid Kavehei, Michael Pfeiffer, Qian Liu, Ryad Benjamin Benosman, Ralph Etienne-Cummings, Shih-Chii Liu, Evangelos Stromatias, Steve Temple, Timmer Horiuchi, Tobi Delbruck, Will Constable, Xavier Lagorce, Zafeirios Fountas

Organizers: Jorg Conradt (TUM) Francesco Galluppi (University of Manchester) Shih-Chii Liu (University of Zurich, ETH Zurich) Ralph Etienne-Cummings (Johns Hopkins University)

Invitees: Tobi Delbruck (University of Zurich, ETH Zurich) Ryad Benjamin Benosman (UPMC) Ashwin Bellur (Univ. of Texas) Garrick Orchard (SINAPSE institute, Singapore) Luis Camunas (Institute of Microelectronics of Seville, Spain)

Goals of the Workgroup

To narrow the large gap between computational neuroscience modellers and system builders we have provide integrated neuromorphic hardware sensors and computing systems consisting of SpiNNaker boards directly interfaced to neuromorphic sensors on-board of mobile robots. These systems are remotely accessible at various abstraction levels, ranging from remote control over programming in C to neuronal modeling (in PyNN, Nest, NEF/nengo, or similar neuronal description languages). We thus provide a framework for implementing and testing large neuronal models in real-time on mobile robots for everyone, without being too much impeded by a lack of detailed hardware or programming knowledge.

Methods and Technologies Used

The technologies used during the workshop can be found in the [technologies page] and consisted of:

  • Robotic platforms (ground and flying)
  • AER sensors (silicon retinas/cochlea)
  • SpiNNaker

We have given tutorials about the technologies and software used, and these can be found in the [resources page]. In particular they include tutorials on the following software packages:

  • PyNN
  • Nengo and the Neural Engineering Framework
  • jAER

Projects and Results

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