The bean salad:  http://www.rainbowcooking.co.nz/recipes/kerrie-boontjies-pickled-curry-beans You can use whatever beans you like - the ones used at the braai where kidney beans.

Potato bake: Wash and slice potatoes (you can peel them first but it tastes better if you don't), pour a soup packet mix over it (i.e. water and soup - just so that the potatoes are covered). Now you can go wild - add what you like - I added sautéed bacon(meat eater version), onions and whole kernel corn (mielies). Cover with cheese of your choice and bake for 40 mins or so on 200C - just keep checking it - you know its done when you can stick a fork in and there is no resistance.

Potato salad: Boil potatoes in a big pot (dont peel them), when they are done peel them by just pulling off the skin (it helps if you have enough time to let them cool first). Chop them into big chunks and stick em in a bowl, add enough mayonnaise (tangy - not miracle whip yuk), Dijon mustard (to taste), a spoon of condensed milk (if you want), sautéed onions, bacon, tomatoes (raw is nice here) - the sky is the limit here - but keep it to 3/4 added items.. then just mix it all up gently.

Mushrooms: Portabella mushrooms with butter, garlic and cheese on top..

Basting for steak / anything really: Olive oil, Worcestershire sauce, garlic, apricot jam - mix together and do it to taste.. the more apricot you add the sweeter it will be which is good for chicken - the more Worcestershire you add the saltier it is and is good for beef.


Bean chili with walnuts and chocolate:  http://www.greenkitchenstories.com/bean-chili-with-walnuts-chocolate/

Magic mousse:  http://www.greenkitchenstories.com/magic-mousse/

Indonesian Rice Salad:  http://www.food.com/recipe/indonesian-rice-salad-352375