Zurich / INI

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Maryland to bring (OLD LIST BELOW)

Stored in Timmer's Lab:

  • Workshop Refrigerator - noticed that it smells bad. Needs cleanup in Telluride
  • Box with 3 LCD projectors - untouched since last year.
  • Storage bin: power strips > 20, ~ 5 network cables, office supplies (scissors, tape, cable ties, etc.)
  • Storage bin: ~5 network cables, 2 network switches, European power strip, box labeled NM router (PC), soldering iron
  • Box: 4 ch portable scope with 2 probes for SC. (need to scavenge 2 more)
  • Box: dual output power supply - for SC
  • Timmer Box (black carry case): sonar electronics
  • Timmer Box (toolbox): sonar electronics
  • Timmer Box (toolbox): sonar electronics
  • Timmer LCD monitor
  • Timmer (personal - IF THERE IS ROOM): stroller

in UMD storage building (timmer has access to building and has key):

  • Large cooler
  • box of network cables
  • box of random electronic components
  • box of extension cords
  • box of printer ink/toner (?) cartridges
  • box of network switches
  • reduced box of robot electronics
  • OKI laser printer
  • box of kitchen things: toaster, computer speakers, hotpot
  • box of kitchen supplies (plates, etc) and grilling tools
  • coffee maker
  • 2 lawn chairs
  • European transformer
  • 2 UPS (batteries probably dead - can replace in Telluride Ace Hardware)
  • box of soldering stuff
  • basketball
  • volleyball
  • poker chips