The modeling and simulation of biochemical reaction networks in living cells, which involve small molecules, DNA, RNA, and proteins, is challenging for at least two reasons: 1) ignorance of the pathways and parameters of such networks; 2) lack of fast, high-throughput simulation-and-modeling tools. Stochastic effects, caused by the small number of molecules, are particularly computationally intensive to simulate, but are known to be important in systems and synthetic biology and disease states. Fortunately, the exponential Boltzmann equations that govern electron flow in transistors are mathematically similar to reaction fluxes in chemical reactions. This similarity allows biochemical circuits to be mapped to log-domain transistor circuits that only use a few transistors. We call this approach "cytomorphic" electronics. In this discussion group we will study with cytomorphic circuits and systems, become familiar with the state-of-the-art, and brainstorm ideas for future work. Contact: Soumyajit Mandal ( sxm833@…)