BrainVision? setup - 64 electrodes system


PyCorder? is used for recordings.

TextureExperiment?_Main: one exemple of master script for presenting stimuli and sending triggers. Important sections in this code are:

  • interface with LabJack? (as stated in the next section, not 100% working yet).
  • trigger sent on the audio channels and recorded on an auxillary channel of the BrainVision?.

Stimulus presentation

Because the LabJack? was not reliable, we sent a trigger on one of the audio channels while the second one conveys the actual stimulus (see the wiring diagrams below). See the code attached for an example. This doesn't allow dichotic stimulus. For this, you should find a way of having the LabJack? working properly.

Wiring diagrams

You need to disconnect the channel with the trigger from the headphones, and to solder downstream the right and left channels so that the stimulus is presented over both ears.

Problems and fixes

  • if a weird 1 Hz noise appears, it is likely due to PyCoder?. Go in the configuration pannel, remove the auxillary channel acquisition, start/stop recording, then turn on again the auxillary channel.

TO BRING LIST (for next year)

  • 2 laptops (one for presenting stimulus, one for recording). The thing is that Psychtoolbox sucks all the ressources of the stimulus presenting PC, so you need another one for recording.
  • mice for going with the computer
  • closed headphones (for not being distubed by the robot noises in the corridor)
  • audio splitter
  • audio cables and jack (can be soldered without destroying the headphones)