NAO Motion Options

"motion" module (ALMotion in SDK)

  • Individual joints can be controlled for precise moves - see for joint names and ranges
  • 'Effectors' can be individually controlled: these are chains of joints for RLeg, LLeg, RArm, LArm, Head, Torso
  • Walking - there is an omni directional walk mode
  • Whole Body Motion - set either On or Off used for balance and to control movement of effectors.

Some of the methods from ALMotion that might be useful:

  • openHand
  • closeHand
  • getRobotPosition
  • setWalkTargetVelocity
  • stepTo
  • walkTo
  • waitUntilWalkIsFinished
  • killWalk

there are more described in docs plus details of methods to set individual joint angles and effector positions.

ALMotionRecorder module - this might be useful as you can record movement sequences direct from moving NAO.