Telluride Router Setup

2013 Setup

Hardware available for router

Steps to Install router

network settings

figure out what network settings to use by inquiring at the scholl, maybe arranging contact through Pam White.

install router base system

  • boot debian wheezy amd64 from USB stick / external CD-drive
  • partition both disks with each:
    1. 1G partition
    2. 300GB partition
  • create two md RAID1 devices with the same sized partitions combined
    1. 1G /dev/md0, formatted ext4, mounted on /boot
    2. 300GB /dev/md1, declared physical volume for LVM
  • create a volume group with /dev/md1 as physical volume, e.g. called "tellvg"
  • create a ~20G logical volume called "pve3root", formatted ext4, mounted on /
  • create a 2G LV called "swap" formatted as swap space
  • proceed with installation, configuring network for the router according to info gathered previously

make it a router

we need:

  • an internal subnet
  • DHCP server
  • NAT
  • caching only DNS server or use school resolvers

get WLAN up and running

  • make sure the Colubris APs are configured correctly
    • disable the security feature that traffic can only go to the default GW the AP gets from DHCP
    • ???

install Proxmox PVE 3

migrate the VM from Zurich to Telluride

  • TBD