Fedex Shipping Notes

We don't need FCC Form 740 if there is no radio stuff inside, so take wifi etc in luggage.

We need form 5106 for homeland security.

The key is really to have these HTS codes. Then they I assume these invoices are processed almost automatically. The customs fees percentage depends on the HTS code. If they have value an code processing is trivial...

HTS Codes and Origin

The main problem is that they need to give customs the tariff number of each item, plus the country of origin.

The tariff numbers can be looked up here:

The problem ist that the people at fedex have no clue what our items are and thus can't figure it out properly.

Country of origin: Put down either CH or USA depending on where we bought the stuff.


We are requiring a statement *on the invoice* declaring the information to be true and correct *with your /name, signature, your job title and date/*/./ PLEASE INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING STATEMENT ON THE INVOICE: "I declare this to be true and correct, these are U.S. goods returning for _.” *(_please write in credit, exchange, repair, exported with intent to re-import, intercompany transfer or resale (if your company is purchasing the item/s_). *

Please include the name and job title (contact information) for whoever provides U.S. Customs clearance information.

Multi Part Shipment

A copy of the first page of the fedex shipping form has to be put in all of the boxes, not only the first one...