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Telluride Fairy Tales by the SysAdmin

fixed bear shot to bring out bear

Last year, when i first came to Telluride, someone told me that it is illegal to place trash bags next to but not into a container because of the bears i thought of this as i nice fairytale to scare little children.

The evening of July 3rd i was looking for the condo where the poker evening was announced, but could not find it, because i had the wrong number.

But then i met this creature somewhere between Eta Place and Eta Place Too and my first thought was more or less: Damned, that's a huge dog! The second thought was about: I really like the fact that i am on a balcony about 2 meters above ground and not below there with that bear...

I am too glad that my cam was able to make at least one picture although the batteries where empty. I fear that otherwise one would attribute my story more to altitude and alcohol than reality...