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SMD tutorial

Leaders: Daniel Fasnacht, Tobi Delbruck

Also have a look at last years wiki page:

Tutorial Part

This part consists of two lessons held in the first week of the workshop / early second week. Each lesson takes about 45min with time afterward to have a look or try out the equipment.

First Lesson

  • History of elctronics device mounting / soldering
  • Introduction to SMD devices, pros & cons versus through-hole devices
  • some theory about soldering SMD stuff
  • introdction to the tools used in SMD specifically
  • short look at industrial processing

Second Lesson

Practice Part

Everyone can and should do individual practice at our SMD workplaces to really get some hands-on experience of this. These will be scheduled after the second tutorial lesson...

SMD Equipment / Setup

USB Servo Controlle - Assembly Line